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61400024 copyHello. I’m a Warsaw-born, Toronto-raised lover of food. I have been working on my PhD in Communication Studies (about the early internet and feminist art practices) in Montreal since 2011 with my two cats. My baby daddy moved in last year and spawned more time in our kitchen. He was the one who introduced me to vegetables and eating for pleasure many many years ago. I was one of those vegetable-hating vegetarians. You know who you are!

My holistic food journey is a bit more complex than that though. A tl;tr for my mom will be posted soon.

This blog is a promise to my many lovely Instagram followers who kept asking me for advice and recipes. I generally follow the whole approach diet. I am wheat-free, and mostly gluten-, caffeine-, and corn-free. I often go on candida diets to cleanse my body. I want to share with you the adventures of loving healthy food. It can be fun and delicious. I promise 🙂

Magdalena O!

*yes that is an image I took of coffee beans on the front page. Just because I’m not supposed to have coffee doesn’t mean I don’t dream of it, all the time.

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