The Grilled Cheese


Hello. Welcome. It is audacious of me to start a food blog with something so simple, something so un-recipe-y, but I’m doing it because it changed my life. Even though I am mostly gluten free (I am able to eat a bit of spelt without too much symptoms) and the days of making paninis have been gone since 2011, I have found several delicious Montreal-area bakeries that provide me with a proper system to deliver grilled cheese. My favorite is the gluten-free vegan flax bread from Mi & Stu. You can find their breads at fine retailers or at their location in Mile End. They make many different breads, like challah (!) & before long holidays they have nice sales.

Grilled Cheese
Mayo grilled cheese with some homemade veg chickpea soup.

OK — back to the best grilled cheese of your life Fill it how you want. I prefer the classic with organic gouda & cheddar mix and sometimes add harissa, thinly sliced apple, fresh basil, spinach or sundried tomatoes. But what goes on top isn’t butter or some dark Greek olive oil but mayonnaise. I use natural whole egg mayo. The mayonnaise melts like an oil for a perfect crisp. My friend Brad was visiting recently & he didn’t believe me until we tried it and now he is desperate to buy a panini press to make these at home.

You can also make this in a frying pan. Have you already been doing this? Have you tried it?

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