Slow Roasted Tomatoes


Because it is going to be tomato season soon and because these are the best tomatoes you are ever going to have and the recipe is so easy it almost shouldn’t be a recipe at all. I tried this for the first time last summer —yes, it was about 30C and yes I did leave my oven on for nearly four hours. The reward is succulent  salty sweet tomatoes. Notice how there is no salt or pepper in the recipe below. Trust me on that. You will want to put some salt because salt potentiates flavour. Yes. Yes.  I was so tempted that on my first batch I did. They were too salty. Bad Magda. Leave it alone. This is not a sundried tomato, this is not an oven roasted tomato, this is a slow roasted tomato. food-1-25

The possibilities of usage are endless. I ate most of them out of a bowl soaked in olive oil. Above, they are served as a garnish to a candida-friendly fish and spinach lunch. I also added a bunch to my homemade tomato sauce I make every year to freeze for the winter. Continue reading Slow Roasted Tomatoes